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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Claremont Community Film Series Presents: The Mask You Live In

High School Voices are Being Heard!

     On Thursday, May 4th, 57 high school students met and shared their thoughts with the Nellie Mae Grant Team about what their experiences are like both at Stevens High School and in the Claremont community.  Many thoughtful and valuable responses were heard by the grant team around what students would like to learn and suggestions about how to make their education better for them as they graduate and venture into adult life.  They stated they appreciate having their voices heard, but they are unsure what happens when they do share their opinions in different venues.  Feedback would be helpful for these young voices to know they're being heard.

     The Nellie Mae Grant Team went on to discuss future analysis of the student feedback, as well as how the work of teaming the community and the schools together to provide the best support to our students will look like over the next three years.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Film Series Comes to Claremont

The Claremont School District invites all community members to check out the films in the ongoing spring film series showing in the Stevens High School auditorium through May and June.  In collaboration with HOPE for NH Recovery, the Department of Education, and the Claremont Adult Learning Center, these films are designed to raise an awareness and increase understanding around some of the challenges our community faces today.

The first film, shown on April 18th, was Paper Tigers, a documentary about an alternative high school in Washington state who struggled with so many behavior problems it was difficult for students to learn and graduate.  The principal heard about ACEs, or Adverse Child Experiences, and chose to teach his staff and then the students about ACEs and how they significantly impact a person’s life.  The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states the following about ACEs: “Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity.”

There are three more films that are part of the film series this year.  Inside Out, an animated film depicting a child’s emotions inside her head as she experiences life, will be shown on Tuesday, May 3rd.  The Mask You Live In will be shown on May 16th, and is a documentary about the definition of masculinity that is placed on boys as they’re growing up in American society.
The Hungry Heart is going to be shown on June 6th with HOPE for NH Recovery and is about Vermont youth, their battle with drug addiction, and how one doctor chose to help.

All films are being presented in the Steven High School auditorium from 6:30-9 PM and are followed by a brief discussion.  Please join us!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fine Tuning the Goals for Claremont Kids

The Nellie Mae leadership team met again early in April to talk about how the Claremont community thinks we can make our city the best place for kids to live, grow, learn and play.  Following the guidelines of the Nellie Mae grant, two concerns arose in each of the resources that were from the Claremont general public, the school district, and school staff.

Firstly, it is important to all three groups that the Claremont community be heard, invested, and engaged in helping to make our city the best and strongest place for kids to grow up and become successful adults.  It is a team effort that is required to help our kids be the best citizens of our community, state, country, and the world.
The second area where the greater Claremont community felt we needed to focus is on early childhood education.  The reason this is so critical is because of the following:

The Nellie Mae Leadership team will continue to use the data from these different sources to determine what next steps to take to help make Claremont the best place it can be for kids to live, grow, learn, and play.  Great things are happening in Claremont!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Free Film Event: Paper Tigers

Claremont's high school students and adults are invited to a free screening of Paper Tigers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stevens High School Students Offer Their Ideas

On Tuesday, February 28th, a group of high school students met with part of the Nellie Mae Leadership Team to offer feedback to the committee around what they think is both working and not working for SHS students.  The students expressed aspects of their school experience they think are favorable, such as: a supportive alumni and challenging and diverse courses.  The students also shared some of their concerns, such as: community support and the current grading system.  Continued conversations will be occurring with a broader swath of the student population so their voices can impact the actions of the Nellie Mae Grant over the next three years.  If you are a Stevens High School student and would like to be a part of the conversation, please email  We'd love to include you in the conversation.